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Awesome Faq Joomla Module

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  • Version4.0.2
  • CompatibilityJoomla 3.x
  • Updated OnTuesday, 05 January 2021
Awesome Faq Joomla Module
Mx Awesome Faq joomla module displays joomla content or custom items in accordion or tabs style. If you want to display all your faq articles in one page this module is all you need. In both content or custom items, the module can display unlimited FAQ items. It comes in two Awesome styles and is based in bootstrap 4. If your template is build with bootstrap four, it is ok to use bootstrap 4 version and it will be like the demo. Otherwise can use the other style which does not show plus and minus symbols.
Awesome faq joomla module settings

Data Source:


  • Category filters - Yes/No
  • Tag filters - Yes/No
  • Show filter labels - Yes/No
  • Count Items
  • Category Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
  • Category - Select
  • Child Category Articles - Include, Exclude
  • Category Depth
  • Show title - Yes/No
  • Title word limit
  • Strip HTML tags - Yes/No
  • Allow plugins - Yes/No
  • Show date - Yes/No
  • Show category - Yes/No
  • Show author - Yes/No
  • Tag Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
  • Tag - Select
  • Include children tags - Include, Exclude
  • Match Tags - Any, All
  • Author Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
  • Authors - Select
  • Author Alias Filtering Type - Inclusive, Exclusive
  • Author Aliases - Select
  • Featured Articles - Show, Hide, Only
  • Date Filtering - Off, Date range, Relative Date
  • Date Range Field - Created, Modified, Starting Publishing date
  • Start Date Range - Select
  • To Date - Select
  • Relative Date - Select
  • Date Field
  • Date Format - Your choice
  • Article IDs to Exclude
  • Article Field to Order By - Article Manager Order, Featured Articles Order, Hits, Title, ID, Alias, Created Date, Modified Date, Start Publishing Date, Finish Publishing Date
  • Ordering Direction - Descending, Ascending

Custom Items

  • Question
  • Answer


Awesome faq module style settings

Style settings

  • Style - Style1 (accordion) / Style2 (tabs)
  • Question Padding - for style2
  • Load bootstrap 4 - Yes / No
Download include: Mx Awesome Faq module.

Mx Awesome Faq

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