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Unzip first the file you download and after choose the version for your joomla. If you are using joomla1.0 choose If you are using joomla1.5 choose

Installing a Template in joomla 1.5.

Step 1. Log in your Joomla admin panel and go to Extensions -> Install/Uninstall:

Step 2. There is a box "Upload Package File" and you have to use [Browse..] to find the template file you have downloaded.

Step 3. Once you find the file, click on [Upload File & Install].

Step 4. Now that you have your new template installed, you should apply it to your site. This can be done from Joomla's admin panel, Extensions -> Template manager:

Step 5. Check the radio button next to your new template and from the top right menu choose "Default".

And that's it :) You have successfully redesigned your website in just 2 easy to follow steps.

Installing a Template in joomla 1.0.

Log into your Joomla Administration Section. This is typically at a URL that looks similar to the below:

On the top menu of the Joomla toolbar, mouse-over the "Installers" menu, then move your mouse down to "Templates - Site"and click there.

You will now be taken to the template upload page. Once you arrive on this page, click the "Browse..." button that is located in the "Upload Package File" section. A Pop-up Box will now appear for you to upload your template. Navigate through your computer to the folder that you extracted in Step 1 of this tutorial, then double-click on the sub folder named "JoomlaTemplate". Next, click on the zip file that is located within the "JoomlaTemplate" folder and click on open. The name of this zip file will be different for each template you download.

After you have clicked the open button, the pop-up box will automatically close, and you will be returned to the "Install new template" page. The path of the skin will appear in the "Package File" field, and your next step is to simply press the "Upload File and Install" button.

After your upload has completed you will be taken to the "Upload template - Success" page shown below. On this page clck the "Continue ..." button.

If you still have problems to install unzip the template first and use FTP to upload it in your templates folder of your joomla

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